Smart SMS - Frequently Asked Questions

I've changed my device but I cannot register anymore my number in Smart SMS: the application tells that the number is already used on another device. What can I do?
Smart SMS allows to use only one device for each number. To use Smart SMS on a new device procede with one of the following steps:
  • If you still have your old device, use it to send a Smart SMS with the word REMOVE to the number +99999999.
  • If you are not able to use your old device, send us an email reporting your phone number: We will send you a normal SMS (text message) to your mobile phone with a verification code that you must reply to us via email.
After that, your number will be detached from your old device and you will be able to use it to register Smart SMS on the new device.
Why I can send messages only to users that have Smart SMS installed and not to all mobile phones?
Smart SMS can send messages only to other users that have the program installed, since use Internet and the Apple push notification service to deliver messages, in order to keep the service cheaper.
Sending normal SMS messages through the phone carrier would have higher costs than the cheap subscription requested by of Smart SMS.
How can I use emoticons?

Smart SMS supports emoticons but it does not enable them.

Emoticons keyboard must be previously enabled on your device by using other specific applications like Emoji Free! that you can download for free from the App Store.

How can I enable/disable message notifications?

Smart SMS uses the push notifications to notify messages on your device without the need to open the app.

You can enable or disable push notifications (message, sound, and badge icon) from the Settings of your device, as showed below:

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