myCrumbs - Frequently Asked Questions

I just tried to download myCrumbs with my iPhone 3G, but it says that the program is not compatible with my model, why does that happen?
The application myCrumbs requires the iPhone OS 2.2, but probably your iPhone/iPod has an older version of the iPhone OS. To correctly install myCrumbs you need to update to 2.2, that can be done with iTunes and is free. To update your device, please follow the instructions reported here.
I have created a new account, but i didn't receive the account verification email, so I'm not able to login because the application tells that my account is not yet verified.
First of all, check in the spam folder of your email client: it is not infrequent that your email client has marked the verification email as spam. If you are not able to find the email, please contact us.
How can I choose or change the photo for my account?
During the account registration you can choose a photo by touching the photo box on the top right corner of the registration form. After the registration, you can change your account settings (name, surname, photo and password) by clicking on the "i" button in the bottom right corner in the map view, and then selecting the element "Account: [your email]" in the Information and Account section.
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