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Turn your Idea into an iPhone Application

The KeeWee Technology team have great experience in design and development of applications for the Apple devices iPhone™, iPad and iPod touch®.
We can offer you our services to help you to come in the market with business and consumer applications with low costs and low time-to-market.

We can help define and refine your ideas to create a commercially viable application.
Interface Design
The iPhone has revolutionised the way user interfaces are defined and used.
Taking an idea from concept, we can outline what the best user interface framework would be to provide the optimum user experience.
We transform the idea into a real application.
Each app is quality tested before being deployed.
We can manage the application launch on the App Store and provide sales and ranking reports.
Once the application is launched, we continue to offer support and optimisation services.
Our team is available at hand anytime for support issues, bugs, upgrades, and new feature requests.
Do you want to promote and advertise your application?
We can do that for you, by using the more effective advertising networks like AdMob, Google AdWords, Mobclick.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information: info@keeweetech.com

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