Speedcam Live

Speedcam Live is a travel assistant that detects and reports on the Map the position of more than 60000 speedcams, red-light cameras and safety tutors in 13 countries in Europe (see the list below).

With the new Live Community you can also receive information on traffic, incidents, roadworks reported in real-time by the Speedcam Live users.

- Local database for 13 countries in Europe.
- Fixed and mobile speedcams.
- Red-light cameras.
- Safety tutors with average speed calculation.
- Live Community (optional) for real-time notifications of mobile speedcams, control posts, traffic, incident and roadworks.
- All PDI are displayed on the Google Map.
- Acoustic alerts.
- Advanced detecting engine.

List of the countries supported by the local database:
- Italy
- France
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- Sweden
- Spain
- Portugal
- Norge
- Austria
- Switzerland
- Finland
- Belgique
- Netherlands

SpeedCam Live works with iPhone 3G and 3GS.
The internet connection is not required for the basic functionality, but is required to view the map and to use the Live Community services.

Good trip!
Speedcam Live works with iPhone 3G or 3GS.
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