Smart SMS

Send SMS without carrier costs!

With Smart SMS you can send SMS text messages without carrier costs to other Smart SMS users.

Smart SMS is very simple because needs only your phone number and the phone number of your friends!

Here a summary of the Smart SMS features:
★ Up to 100 SMS text messages a day.
★ No advertisements!
★ Messages appears on your device as normal SMS without open the app.
★ No registration required: only your phone number is necessary.
★ Contact your friends directly with your phone contact list, as for normal SMS.
★ Does not use the phone carrier SMS service.
★ No carrier costs.
★ Supports emoticons!

When you first run the app, you only have to choose the international prefix of your country and enter your phone number. Then, you will be able to send messages to your friends by using your existing contacts list on your phone, as for normal SMS.

Smart SMS delivers messages with push notifications, so you must answer YES when the application asks your confirmation to allow Smart SMS to send push notifications.

Smart SMS uses your internet connection to send SMS, so you do not have any carrier cost but only a very cheap subscription on Smart SMS::
1 month: 0.79 €
3 months: 1.59 €
6 months: 2.39 €
The first month is FREE!

Smart SMS works with any iPhone or iPod touch with at least the 3.0 OS version.
Smart SMS works with iPhone or iPod touch.
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